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Role of Interact Trust




Creation of a distribution channel by own network across the country to deliver financial services on behalf of the banks to India’s under-banked population in urban as well as rural areas

Identify and understand the changing needs of customers by remaining in constant touch with them, and listening to the Voice of the Customer

Enable offerings of new and value-added products on an ongoing basis to the bank’s customers, such as various types of loans

Managing a training and audit calendar with the banks to ensure that the entire distribution network works in alignment with the overall mandates given by the banks

Method of Operation:

Interact works closely with a bank throughout the lifecycle of an engagement to meet the expectations of the bank as agreed. Most important, we ensure that the end-customers are served in such a way that the bank’s business and reputation is enhanced. To ensure these objectives are met, we take a step-by-step approach wherein we undertake a pilot first, work out the operational details and iron out any glitches, and then roll out to larger end-customer populations.

Identification of the locations where banks would wish to commence the BC/BF activity

Identification of the various components of the activity which encompasses the role of a BC, such as customer solicitation and enrollment including ensuring KYC based on RBI norms

Identification of joint and individual responsibilities between Interact, Banks

Identification of locations to commence the initial dry runs Mapping of the locations of the desired BC locations to the Bank locations.

Training, audit, and reporting as per bank’s requirements


We are strategically located in the heart of Hyderabad city, Andhra Pradesh, India, which is rapidly growing as the preferred location for major IT Corporate and a hub for intense IT activity in every walk of life.


We are also located in Adiladab, Karimnagar, RangaReddy Medak and Mahabubnagar and also Covering States like Goa, Maharshtra, and Karnataka


Our team of more than 150+ qualified and determined professionals is best characterized by their creativity, knowledge base, ability and willingness to communicate with the customer. The key to our success has been our commitment to hiring the very best professionals in the IT field and committing to sustain and update their skills through constant training, education, and certification programs. Our customers benefit not only from our team’s extensive knowledge of modern information technology, but also from their exceptional understanding of the unique requirements of each business in various sectors of the industry.


E-Governance Solutions

Hardware and Networking Solutions

Infrastructure Management

ITES & Manpower Services

Enrollments of EBT benificiares .

Business Correspondent activites.


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